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Mysterious Trend: 7 Mysterious Containers

10 Day Trend    Q files Trend         Blackout Trend    Weather Warfare Trend  Biological Weather Warfare Trend   Chem trail Trend     Atmospheric Geoengineering Trend     Weather Manipulation Trend         Account Suspension Trend     ALL TIME RECORD BREAKING 51 FT WAVES OFF COAST NEW YORK CITY 6 PM TODAY CENTRAL TIME Mysterious Trend: 7 Mysterious Containers   January 4, 2017 #A  #QAnon #calmbeforethestorm #Storm #cabal #deepstate #pedogate #climatechaos #trends #NewYorkCity #climatechaos #climate #whirlwinds Watch part 3 of megatrndz show hosted by Veronica Davis Mysterious Containers, 51 ft waves, QAnon, Julian Assange, Paper Airplanes Executive order trend     blackout trend number trend     q trend   weather wars trend are the focus of the today The Megatrndz Show Episode 1 2018 Episode 1 hosted by Veronica Davis  part 1 Watch video Bombogenesis the B Cycle part 1 Read more Blackout Trend: 65,000

Do you Know Really Know the Genealogy of Jesus Christ All changes saved.

Celestial Trends    Mysterious Trends   Mysterious Veil Trend   Mysterious Shroud Trend  Miraculous Appearances Trend Geneaology of Jesus The Messiah, the Son of David, the Son of Abraham There are Many Believers who do not know where Jesus Yeshua came from. With the Sacred Bible being the record keeper of Genealogy. You will find in new videos today with titles of Archaeology trying to see if Jesus existed 2,000 years.  A twenty something young woman who I was acquainted with always seem to be quiet and always looked upset. One time in conversation with her I got to the root of her problem. She began to confide in me telling me that she was angry at her Pastor and that her Aunt was a Catholic and  believed in Angels. She began talking about the Sacred Bible saying the book could have been made up or something in those terms. Well I am a very believer of Jesus Christ coming from strong background and faith since the minute I took my first breath into this Earth. I n

Sink Hole Trend

Mysterious Trend: Giant Sink Hole Trend November 20 2017 2:30 pmnupdated November 22  #sinkhole #crater Discovered on November 6, 2017 There was a giant sinkhole that appeared near the Coast on the South American Coast. At a Brazil farm 65 ft to 98 ft wide and 65 ft deep Mystery Booms - Giant Sinkhole could swallow large building! - Strange energy on seismographs! since published November 22, 2017 there has been 21,449 views . Where are all these mysterious giant sink holes coming from. A giant #crater opens up out of nowhere in #Brazil #sinkhole via @Strange_Sounds — Strange Sounds (@Strange_Sounds) November 20, 2017 More on Historical Sinkholes 10 Most Mysterious Sinkholes on Earth with 985,100 views, The Richest Channel shows the top most bizzarest Sinkholes around the World. Since its published on Oct 16, 2017 there has been 592,083 views Top 5 Largest Sinkholes Caught on Camera By Top Fiv