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All Because My Name

All Because My Name  Veronica Davis 2021-09-12  Humanity has always been through many historical Human Crisis and Jesus Christ lived to tell us about it. Many will have abundance but abundance will be in the short run at least on Earth. Jesus Christ said there are many Mansions in Heaven. Remember the story of the Wealthy Man had to sell all he had in order to enter Heaven. We are living through very difficult times. For those that are all alone in the world will find themselves depressed, confused or tormented by what is happening with the mandates and control over our own bodies. But you are never really alone because Jesus Christ did tell us what would happen. And because we are one with the Holy Spirit we are never really alone just lonely.  "You will be hated   by all   because of My Name   but it is the one who has endured   to the end who will be saved .   Matthew 10:22   What did Jesus Christ mean? He meant a lot in just a short sentence. The word saved was primarily the