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Deception Agenda: Fleeing From Terror and Persecution 2018

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 Animal Deaths   Mysterious Animal Animal Disappearance Animal Mutilation Animal Rescue  Animal Cruelty
Unexplained TrendsBridge CollapsingAnimal Invasion  

Deception Agenda Fleeing From Terror and Persecution  November 7, 2018 2018-11-07 by  Veronica Davis
#humancrisis #MigrantCaravan #CaravanaMigrante #migrantes #caravanamigrante #ChildrenUprooted #AChildIsAChild

Misconception of C.A Caravan Nov 8 2018 by megatrndz

There is a misconception of the Central American Caravan . News Media reporters like Ezra Levant or Rebel Media and CBC National seem not to get it right.  Deception Agenda…