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Global Pandemic PM Trudeau addresses Canadians March 26 2020

March 26, 2020- President Trudeau wants to start the economy to become up and running by Easter. The United States had an increase of 603 new Covid-19 cases since yesterday. The United States is right now the third in highest cases worldwide and it has a total of 68,814 cases as of March 26, 2020 and a total of 1037 new deaths.Canada holds the  15th  spot worldwide, just yesterday it was at number 14th for a while. Last week Canada was at 20th. Canada total cases as of March 26, 2020 is 3,409 and total deaths, 36. In Canada, Canadian travelers coming on planes from abroad have been disobeying Governments and seen shopping for food instead of starting their Quarantine 14 days. In Canada the Federal Quarantine Act takes effect March 25, 2020 midnight. Mandatory and Penalties Mandatory to go into this 14 days penalties if you are disobeying the Maximum penanlty is  $750, 000 and or  six months in prison. Or Worse Up to a Million Dollars If you have done something where you f

March 26, 2020 Stock market volatility continues during Global Pandemic

#NYSE #StockMarket March 26 2020 Coronavirus outbreak: NYSE looks for third straight day of gains after stimulus plan passes LIVE: Stock market volatility continues after U.S. jobless claims shatte...

Pandemiaa Global en 196 Paises 3/26/2020

Salmos 91 Pandemiaa Global en 196 Paises 3/26/2020 Importante mensajes mundial. Una virus que ahora no tiene vacuna dice en el discurso desde España Marzo, 26 2020. #España Marzo 26 2020  Casos Total  1,211 Nuevo Casos   Muertes Total   29 Nueva Muetes  Recuperado Total   3  Casos Activo  Casos Criticos  #EstadodeAlarma #España #Coronavirus DIRECTO ESTADO DE ALARMA| Salvador Illa ante la Comisión de Sanidad #Ecuador Marzo 26 2020 Casos Total  56,188 Nuevo Casos  +6,673  Muertes Total    4,089 Nueva Muetes +442  Recuperado Total   7,015  Casos Activo  45,084 Casos Criticos  3,166