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Nation Against Nation Trend: Deep State War Games Red October Surprise?

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Nation Against Nation Trend: Deep State War Games Red October Surprise?by Veronica Davis Tuesday  2018-10-09

"The reason why Kavanaugh is being taken down is because the Deep State which relies heavily on the Democrats is terrified of military tribunals..We are still in a state of War..Technically the United States is in a state of War"..says Robert David Steele on the October 5, 2018 as a guest for X22Report Spotlight. This is said days before Judge Supreme Justice Brett Kavanaugh is selected this Saturday.

What most …

Hybrid Among Us Trend 2016

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Hybrid Among Us Trend 2016
Previously Discussed Topic from September 5, 2016 entitled "Hybrid Among Us Trend 2016" Option 2:

The Aliens do not exist. Jesus warned us about mankind messing with the DNA Code God created. The non believers of Jesus Christ like to change the mankind DNA Code.

A millionaire Gary Heavin says  at infowars show seen below "  There is no Aliens... there is  demons " at (41:19).


In the discussion between Steve Quayle and Alex Jones is very powerful about the society being lost today with demon pos…