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Climate Chaos Trend Dark Winter 2021 Trend

Human Crisis   Power Outage Trend     Food Shortage Crisis Trend   Great Reset Trend Climate Chaos  Dark Winter 2021 Trend   Weather Wars Trend  Geoengineering  Trend Deception Trend     Targeted Individual Trend Climate Chaos Trend Dark Winter 2021 Trend by Veronica Davis Thursday February 18, 2021 The Dark Winter 2021 Trend will become a trend and not because of this article but because who said it. Politicians usually know what is going to happen before the actual citizens even know will happen.  Emergencies are becoming the new normal. We are becoming keen. Aware what will happen next. State of Emergency Trends come with dependency. Regular citizens will begin to depend on the State for food and shelter. This is very similar to when a country is at War. The country becomes desolate. The ones that remain  are the fighters or the ones that depend on the State. Whenever the Emergency begins citizens become nomads being moved to one State or another. What did Joe Biden mean when he s