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The Set Up Cancel Culture Movement!

Human Crisis Trend   Remove Statue Trend   Cancel Culture Movement Trend Arise, The Set Up Cancel Culture Movement! 7/27/2020 Dt 29:29  Mt 24:12  Luke 12:2 Who will rise up? Who will be woken up from their deep sleep? While the World is being set up for the the stage of the coming of the end of age, the Holy One or Qodesh prepare. America is being faced with dilemma since the beginning of time. But it is not just America,  when the movement has hit world stage decades ago. It has been moving in a slow pace and is it finally hitting home. We talk of this happening in the Middle East, and that happening in South or Central America but what happens when it hits home. Was it a set up? The Cancel Culture Movement is hitting full circle. Because One God create one World. And we are living in it. Scratch the set up. Is not God Almighty the one true creator of Heaven and Earth finally revealing wha

Who do you serve? Cancel Culture!

Human Crisis Trend   Remove Statue Trend   Cancel Culture Movement Trend Who do you Serve? Cancel Culture! Veronica Davis 7/27/2020 1 Samuel 17:49     2 Samuel 13:28   1 Kings 1:6    Romans 3:23    Dt  4:32    Mt 9:17   Acts 17:11 Who do you serve? The time when Jesus Christ sent me messages one of the words given to me was Secularism. I understand why it is an important point of focus to the Body of Christ. We as the Body of Christ must understand the angles of Secularism has been hijacked by Satan's society. Secularism has been slowly changing over time.  Just like school's are teaching the meaning of democracy and  tyrants. The reason  this is disappearing is because we are perceiving the 'Come the  End of Age'. Perception is all part of the deception. Accepting the new normal is an oxymoron. Because the definition of 'new' means it has been never been done b

Deception Agenda The Chaos Recipe

Human Crisis     Deception Trend    The New Global Agenda    Agenda 2020    2021  2030   2050 Deception Agenda The Chaos Recipe 6/18/2020 Is Black Lives Matter the new Political Party? Is the civil unrest a well planned agenda? Yes Deception Agenda is just the recipe to the Chaos Recipe. With many ingredients to cook the perfect meal it was created by many cooks in the kitchen. The civil unrest agenda has been taught in university gatherings to create a universal propaganda. The new target is the teens who are in love with their cell phones and social media. They are being highly targeted quietly through facebook, instagram and other well documented marketing cooks. So are there too many cooks in the kitchen. Jesus Christ says in the End Times men' hearts will grow cold. What is Chaz? The new civil unrest social gatherings. A recipe on overthrowing the current government. But all of this has already happened in many countries where civil war and violence has existe

Human Crisis Trend: Who are the Children of Light and Children of Darkness?

Human Crisis     Deception Trend  Agenda 2020     2021  2030   2050 Who are the Children of Light and Children of Darkness? 6/11/2020 Secrets and lies has been something Jesus Christ warned us all about over two thousand years ago. Is it finally coming into fruition? Deep Dark secrets, Deep state and Secret Societies like the Masonic Temple. In an amazing Donald Trump tweet stating the astonishing secret by Vigano. The President of the United States is not keeping quiet and neither is Vigano. There is a plot behind the Global Pandemic and ties with the Floyd Rioting. This is no news to the people who have been following Megatrndz. Because Multimillionaires are all behind it.  The George Soros followers and the Tech Giants Bill Gates. In the June 7 2020  letter written by Archbishop Vigano it states: They are subservient to the deep state, to globalism, to aligned thought to the New World Order which they invoke ever more frequently in the name of the universal br

Canadian never-used Emergencies Act ? April 10 2020

Holy Week  Friday Passion of the Lord Readings Is 52:13 Heb 4:14 5:7 Jn 18:1 Fasting Please support this website and purchase recent ebook series, a collection of a series of  scriptures straight from the Sacred Bible.Read along and learn Jewish and Greek. Go Canadian never-used Emergencies Act ? April  10 2020 4/10/2020 While people around the world are praying,  will the PM of Canada  use power instead of prayers. Trudeau lays groundwork on Good Friday? Will it bring long term effect to Canadians? Will it be a smart move for Trudeau to invoke a never used Emergency Act? Canada continues to be on the top 13th list of most cases around the World. Canada continues to rise its cases. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau on Emergencies ACT: 'Not necessary now' America's President Trump Prays Isaiah   4/10/2020 President Trump reads Isaiah 60:2 'For behold darkness will cover the Earth and deep dar

Today Journalist Arrested at Andrew Scheer Public Campaigning

Today Journalist Arrested at Andrew Scheer Public Campaigning 9/30/2019 by Veronica Davis Is journalism in Canada becoming a threat to Canadian Society? Is Canadian journalism changing from yesterdays? Today, we saw Canadian police like nothing before. Have they gone too far. What Rebel Media is claiming clearly shows that  arresting an innocent Canadian journalist is not only unheard of but it is going too far. The journalist David Menzies is from Rebel News. Although the journalism they do is nothing close to a bannana republic rebel or revolutionist they are simply a polite upright news covering reporters. So has Canadian police officers suddenly setting a precedent for journalists in Canada. With over five police patrol cars heading their way to arrest one journalist like David it sure looked like they were looking for a bait in their pond. It seems that the news reporting will for sure change in Canada as politicians are policing themselves from their promotional campa

Extinction Trend: Will the Amazon Rainforest Disappear Soon

Climate Chaos   Fire trend   Climate Change   Chemtrails trend    Extinction Trend   Agenda 21 Deception Trend   Direct Energy Weapon Trend Extinction Trend:  Will the Amazon Rainforest Disappear Soon by Veronica Davis Rio de Janeiro's Day has been turned into Night as  the World's lungs are in critical danger. This sounds like a biblical prophecy. 20 percent of the world's oxygen is being extinct A manmade catastrophe a blame of climate change? (August 27 2019 10:00 central)  Forty thousand species affected and 10 percent of the world biodiversity could soon be part of historical books no longer part of a future exploration. Who is protection the Rainforests and forests around the World home of wildlife ?  Weather warfare Trend Weather Manipulation We all know what Forest fires brings Evacuations and then Emergency Declarations . It is like we are living a world of movement, displacement, homeless, and nationless people. In the last fe

Human Crisis Trend: Jews Shutting down the ICE Detention Center in Elizabeth, New Jersey

  What Would Yahweh Elohim El Shaddai Yeshua Jesus Christ Say Out in soon!   Fashion Trend       Nation Against Nation Trend   Climate Chaos Trend       5G Trend       Fireball Trend    Volcano Eruption Trend     Asteroid Trend       Target Individuals Trend    Biological Weapon Trend      False Missile Alert Trend     Sinkhole Trend     Unusual Earthquake Trend          Floods Trend        Laser Technology Trend     Direct Energy Weapon Trend   Blue Beam Trend    Emp Attack Trend Human Crisis Trend: Jews Shutting down the ICE Detention Center in New Jersey (2019-30-06) The Jews are protesting against the racism that they have been observing in the United States against the immigrants. The Jews are the witnesses of the racism that is happening against the immigrants of the United States as they marched today hundreds were arrested in front of a Detention Center in Elizabeth New Jersey. The Jews are witnessing concentration camps on the borders and all over. "So