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Who do you serve? Cancel Culture!

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Who do you Serve? Cancel Culture!

Veronica Davis 7/27/2020

1 Samuel 17:49    2 Samuel 13:28   1 Kings 1:6    Romans 3:23    Dt  4:32    Mt 9:17   Acts 17:11

Who do you serve? The time when Jesus Christ sent me messages one of the words given to me was Secularism. I understand why it is an important point of focus to the Body of Christ. We as the Body of Christ must understand the angles of Secularism has been hijacked by Satan's society.

Secularism has been slowly changing over time.  Just like school's are teaching the meaning of democracy and  tyrants. The reason  this is disappearing is because we are perceiving the 'Come the  End of Age'. Perception is all part of the deception.

Accepting the new normal is an oxymoron. Because the definition of 'new' means it has been never been done before. The definition of 'normal' is that it has been done many times before. Understanding is based on perception. Acceptance is also based on perception. Before I perceive something it has to come to an agreement with the creator. But this is done within the invisible one  body of Christ.

Karl Marx lived many years ago. And yet today the Marxist Ideology is still to this day perceived. Was Karl Marx a Satanist? He believed in equality. Unfortunately equality is one to debate. Because what is the definition of equality.

If equality means you must own 2 apples and no one else should have 2 apples because it is not fair that others should have more. Then it is not equality.

What is Cancel Culture?
Why doe protesters want to tear down Statue?
Everything about America's past is bad
Rooting history as evil
Rooted to Evil, just like Maxist Ideology

Cancel Culture Agenda
Truth at the Basis
What is Absolute Truth
Eliminating the status quo
Eliminating the current culture

Goal of a Marxist
Removing institutions
Erasing History
Marxist Everything is bad
anti-institutional environment
receive scrutiny

Removing Statue Trend
Erasing History
Erasing the Heroes of the Past (Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill)

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16 Statues And Memorials Were Damaged During Sunday's Protests in Boston; June 3 2020,
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