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Human Crisis Trend: Re Education Camp

Human Crisis Trend: Re Education Camp Veronica Davis 2021- 03-15 Have we always had the Bible? Have we always had Education? Have we always had the ability to read? Although it may look that society has evolved quickly with the help of technology. This is not possible. The transition of the poor becoming rich over the turn of the century is impossible. Education and Technology comes hand in hand. In the past, they called themselves the Aristocrats. The paupers were, 'the not land owners' and the wealthy were the Land owner. Land Owners were the ones granted the rights to own Land. This was called Feudalism. Now today, They call themselves the Technocracy. So who are they? Technocracy raising their children to believe they were Star Children. Or that they came from another planet. This is all part of an imaginary trick of the Technocracy. Today this surreal movement in control of censorship  techno-fasci