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New Collection out!

  No Fear in Love Collection As a new way to introduce the new book called 'The Little Book of Love' before it comes out for sale, Veronica Davis has launched her new accessories collection called 'No Fear in Love'. Veronica Davis new collection was inspired by the quote given by the Apostle John in his first book, 'There is no fear in love but perfect love cast out fear.' ( 1 John 4:18 ) You can choose from any of products listed in the accessories section.  Easy way to shop at  How to purchase No Fear in Love Producst are available  for purchase by simply clicking on the link above 'Shop-New' from the megatrndz website  The 'no fear in love' bag is made 100 percent cotton with dimensions of (w x h)15"x18" see picture above available in various colors. 'There is no fear in Love, perfect love cast out fear', the Apostle Saint John said. Purchase this wonderful 100 percent cotton bag today. Posted by

Human Crisis Trend: Economy Breakdown #IStandwithAdam

  November 2020 Trends Human Crisis Trend: Economy Breakdown #IStandwithAdam    Election Fraud Trend:  U.S Elections 2020 Children of Darkness Trend :  Vigano    Climate Chaos Trend :  Hurricane Storm Eta and Iota Human Crisis Trend: Economy Breakdown #IStandwithAdam Veronica Davis 2020-11-27 #pharmakeia #pan #sorcery #babylon #IStandwithAdam There is no fear in love but perfect love cast out fear. 1 John 4:18 We are the Watchers. Around the world  people were protesting for just about everything that bothered them last year. But now there has been a role reversal just who is on the streets and what exactly are they demanding?  Not since the p andemic of 2020 people have began to question freedom.  This question is a relevant one since not many people think it is a question to ask. So where is our freedom heading? There are those that say it is heading to a dictatorship while others say it is