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triumphants in #belgium #brussels #brugge #warwick during covid19 pandem...

triumphants in #belgium #brussels #brugge #warwick Angels and Gargoyles  in Middle Ages 10/15/2020 blog link Belgium a country full of history. If you are interested in knowing the historical facts of mediaval castles and knights this is where you start. You really do not need to read a book to understand this history. You will find it  sculpted on old stone buildings.  I recommend you start in Bruxxels a place that is at the heart of castles. There was the Light part of history such as the Cathedrals but there you can find the dark part of history like the Dark ages.  What do I mean of this?  For example, you will find in the Town Square on buildings stone carved gargoyles or demonic winged creatures. These ancient satanic form of sculptures was another form of worshipping the dark side. So walking the past amid the covid-19 crisis was a spiritual one. Starting from the Warwick Hotel you are in the center of