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Palm Sunday April 9, 2017

Victorious Palm Sunday  What is Palm Sunday?  When Jesus Christ the Son of the Lord, walks into Jerusalem he is received by the people of the street with Palms being waved in their hands. It is Jesus Christ triumphal  entry Palm Sunday described in Matthew 21 1:11  Henced, it is called Palm Sunday. Today on Sunday April 9, 2017 Catholic Churches around the universe will receive a gift at Church today a Palm from Jerusalem blessed by the Roman Vatican Catholic Church. It is taken home to keep and hold all year long until next Ash Wednesday. It is a reminder around the world and all year long of the kind of KING JESUS IS.  Matthew 21 1:11 Our Lord, the King of Kings will be victorious in his mission on Earth. He later be crucified in days to come by the very people also holding the Palms. It is a bitter sweet reminder of his mission on Earth. What is the Symbol of Palms? Palms is also a sign of Victory. This is also symbolic in Martyrism, Saints in Catholics Statues h