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Censorship Trend: Social Giants and Fake News

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Censorship Trend:  Social Giants and Fake News Canada and U.S by Veronica Davis Tuesday July 2, 2019 

Who's right is it to change algorithms? Is there such a thing of neutral public forum? Well on this new story you will find many trends forming one grand sandwich. It involves politics, technology and what the Artificial Intelligence trend is capable of doing while you are asleep.

 So..who changes algorithms is this considered target marketing? Or  part of a deeper dark agenda? Is it  target individuals trend? Who is to blame?  These have long been the quest…

Censorship Trend: Freedom of Wearing what you like!! Canada Goose not!! November 16, 2018

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Censorship Trend: Freedom of Wearing what you like! November 16, 2018 by Veronica Davis
Freedom of wearing what you like should come under certain boundaries. Right! As part of the censorship trend  Megatrndz has been active in writing stories like

Censorship Trend Controlling the Narrative

Censorship Trend: Freedom of Wearing what you like!

Could this type of censoring be the new way of controlling the supply and demand of certain countries, territories or communities. Whether its a story or an account that is being banned or censored on social media? Or a personal video where  you are sharing your own opinion are we all.  Are we at liberty to say what we consider the truth. So who owns the truth. The answer more and more often the rules are become more strict than broad. There has been many social network giants not allowing th…