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Censorship Trend: President of the United States He Won by Lanslide

President of the United States is being partly censored by twitter. As the tweet is being claimed to be disputed. Just an hour ago he tweets 7:30 am central time. Then twitter message prevents retweets likes or shares. The tweet at this moment's time is 8:30 am and it is still presently showing. Megatrndz has done screenshots of tweet and blocked messages in case it disappears.


Climate Chaos Trend: High Winds 

Hurricane Trend: 04B Cyclone Nivar near India Nov 25, 2020

Climate Chaos TrendHurricane Storm Eta and Iota

 Election Fraud Trend:  U.S Elections 2020

 Mushy Natural Resources Kills Nicaraguans in Artisan Mine After Iota and Eta



How Unsafe have Mines been in Nicaragua and China?

This month has been two disasters in Nicaragua and in China killing dozens of people.

It was Friday Morning at around 10:30 am a poor town in Nicaragua worst happened to the Artisan Miners. The Artisan Mine collapses killing innocent lives such as People and Horses. As if the Nicaragua's poor have not suffered enough after two Hurricane's hit the region last Month with Hurricane Iota and Eta.

The Towns people are blaming the disaster  on both Hurricanes that has left the ground mushy. The Horses that carried the minerals fell right into the  ground and many died in the collapsed. 

This is the second time that there is a miner disaster in Nicaragua.

Coal mine accident in China's Chongqing kills 23 (

 High Winds Thousands without Power in Maritime's Canada


High winds has been a trend by the end of November and into first week of December. This could be the results of the Hurricanes that started in the Beginning of November and Beginning of December, Hurricanes Eta and Iota. Both of this Hurricanes started in the hot ocean Atlantic waters with temperatures of 79 to 71 F. This seems to be the temperatures that most  Hurricanes begin with. The waters of the the oceans are high around this time. Mix the high ocean temperature waters with the cold waters up in the Arctic and  a disaster arises. See what happens to a window where it is too hot on the inside and too cold on the inside and it will break. That is what is happening in the atmosphere. Too hot and too cold can not mix.

Thousands of customers were without electricity on Sunday in New Brunswick. It was reported by 5:40 p.m more than 8,069 NB Power customers did not have electricity . The Image above one can see that New Brunswick was at the eye of this large wind twirl.

Meanwhile further south, more than 300,000 were without power in New England.

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Belarus Protest Sunday

U.S Election Fraud in  Georgia, United States


Watch Playlist Georgia, Voter Fraud December 3 2020

On December 3, 2020 the World got to see the numbers and the evidence behind Georgia's election fraud. Recorded Live at the Georgia was the  President's Trump legal team  in front of the Georgia Senate. It was reported that Election data packets were transferred to a server in Frankfurt, Germany which "went offline" on Nov 9th'. "A German Professor talked about the drastic increase in traffic on Nov 3-4. It's common knowledge that that server was processing a lot of US election data. "

'Dominion is a joke,' says the President of the United States as he is slowly making his second term a victory. 

'We must pass voter ID requirements to protect our elections' says President of the United States Donald J Trump.

Georgia's election fraud numbers for 2020 Presidential Race:

2,506 felons voted. 

66,248 underage registered.

2,423 voted w/out registration. 

1,043 address a Post-Office. 

4,926 registered late. 

10,315 dead people. 

395 cast ballots in another state. 

15,700 filed national change of address. 

40,279 moved. 

100+ affidavits.

Dec 3 2020

#Georgia Video from GA shows suitcases filled with ballots pulled from under a table AFTER poll workers left by Donald J Trump
Video evidence of voter fraud in Georgia, suitcases of ballots appear after poll watchers dismissed

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