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Missile Flies over Japan

follow megatrndz on  twitter ,  facebook , youtube  and google plus  Most Recent Missile Flies Over Japan 2017-08-29 5:30 pm updated 7:09 pm version en espanol So its been over 20 test missiles so far fired by North Korea since the beginning of 2017. North Korea today says in response to its latest test "its first step of its military operation in the Pacific and  prelude to containing Guam". Just last week Guam residents were under emergency tests after the threats of North Korea. President Trump gave a warning not to mess with Guam. Just reported by The Associated Press as North Korea says Kim Jong Un was present for launch of intermediate-range missile flew over Japan. What does that mean to the United States? What does that mean for Japan? Read more about Missile "From America to China.." Two hours ago, at 6:48pm August 29, 2017 the United States Missile Defense reported on twitter acccount North Korea most recent Hwasong-12 IRBM missile laun