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Human Crisis: Building Mysteriously Collapses in Florida and John McAfee Targeted

Unexplained Trends     Strange Trends     Laser Trends    Full Moon     Bridge Collapsing Trend   Human Crisis Trend     Targeted Individual Trend Human Crisis:  Building Mysteriously Collapses in Florida and John McAfee Targeted   Veronica Davis 2021-06-25 #megatrndz  #Christians If you think you are being targeted it is because you are. In the past year the targeted trend has sky rocketed and that is because the crime has gone up worldwide. There is enough people targeting one another as groups and organizations become opposed. The world is going through a new dark phase of change that we are not prepared for. But I have learned over time that the one true love that will never abandon you and will never change is God Almighty Jesus Christ. When times get rough it is important to have God Almighty Jesus Christ always close to mind.  A little over 24 hours ago a building in  Surfside, Florida has mysteriously collapsed. It happened close to midnight on June 24 2021, and clear vide

Human Crisis: Nicaragua's Liberation of Future Presidential Leaders

 Human Crisis Trend     Targeted Individual Trend Human Crisis: Nicaragua's Liberation of Future Presidential Leaders Veronica Davis 2021-06-14 Some believe it is the ending of the Radical leader couple Daniel Ortega and his wife. In the past two weeks many illegal arrests have taken place in Nicaragua. With four  Presidential candidates have been kidnapped illegally and are now in prison, Felix Maradiaga, Sebastian Chamorro, Cristina Chamorro and Arturo Cruz. As well as Lawyers of Presidential Candidates. Since 2019 there have been more than 120 political imprisonments. These illegal arrests are getting international attention. Secretary General of the OEA Luis Almagro has urged in a Letter to the president of the permanent council of the organization  Ronal Sanders that they should activate the necessary mechanism of Article 21 of the Democratic Letter of the Inter-American. It speaks to Suspend Nicaragua as a member of the OEA.  On CNN news, Ronald Sanders expressed that when th

Celestial Trend: Solar Eclipse June 10, 2021

Celestial Trend: Solar Eclipse June 10, 2021 Solar Winds are occurring at  437 km per second Asteroids passing by right over our heads. There shall be signs in the Moon and the Stars.and on the Earth dismay among Nations in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves .. .then they shall see the Son of Man Luke 21:25 How much will the  Solar Eclipse affect the tides. Australia is getting ready for a blizzard where animals can freeze to death. Prior Eclipses S olar Eclipse August 21, 2017   July 22, 2017 A lot has happened this week. Take for example, in the Toronto, Ryerson University received a blow to the head as the Cancel Culture targeted a statue this past weekend. Then there was the multiple of accidents occurring in North York, Ontario where pedestrian are no longer feeling safe anymore. A whole family was killed as a car hit and killed a Muslim family.  Trudeau is calling it a terrorist attack but when the police is targeting Catholics, Christian and Jewish community is n