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Human Crisis Trend: Train Derailment, Strange Human Events December 18, 2017

Climate Chaos Trend     History Repetition Trend    Nation Against Nation Trend Human Crisis Trend: Train Derailment, Strange Human Events December 18, 2017 Monday 2017-12-18 5:00 pm #humancrisis #news #worldincrisis #breakingnews #love #peace #yeshua Today it is December 18 2017, Is Humanity setting themselves up for chaos? Or Are we being it really what it seems? Why so much Strange Behaviors and  Events today. Watch video of Today's December 18, 2017 Breaking News of Strange Events a Human Crisis Trend: Train Derailment. United States For Hours Atlanta Airport Left In Total Darkness It has been almost 24 hours now as strangest thing occurred in America's largest airport. Several  hours ago the news began to surface. ‘No excuse’: Atlanta airport power outage strands travelers in darkness for nearly 11 hours says the Washington Post but is it all that it seems or is there more to the story."The outage, which completely cr

Damaging Wind Storms Trend : Canada

The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.”. John 3:8 on Twitter on facebook on Google Plus MEGATRNDZ  >  Climate Chaos Trends >  Damaging Wind Storms Trend> 50 Train Cars Derailed in Damaging Winds  Over 138 km in Alberta, Canada October 18, 2017 Top News:  Threatening Winds over 100  KM in Manitoba, Canada Expected Toda y October 18, 2017  THIS WEEK OCT 15 - 21 TRENDS Hurricane Trend:   46 ft Waves Hurricane Ophelia Out in Atlantic Ocean October 16, 2017! Hurricane Trend:   Hurricane Ophelia heading to Ireland, Wales, UK October 16, 2017! Climate Chaos Trend: More Hurricane Alert Superfast Hurricanes Ophelia... Climate Change Trend:  World Ocean Waters Reporting October 14, 2017 Damaging Winds Trend: 50 Train Cars Derailed  over 138 km  October 18, 2017!  2017-10-18 7 am  Hashtag