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Mercury Poisoning Trend

Mercury Dumping Upstream as a result of mercury being dumped 44 years ago in barrels in London, ON.  A river poisoned with mercury. On June 22, 2016 on a radio broadcast, a man who claims he put over 100 pounds of mercury in barrels in pits at least 44 years ago. He claims his job entailed containing mercury within the salt like pulp and paper. He further explained on the radio how mercury had been dumped from the mill. The man has notified has already notified the Ontario government. However the exact location has yet to be determined because the mill has been moved around. The man claims that the mercury dumped from the mill in the pit was lined with black plastic.  In the United States just over 3 ounces is considered an environmental disaster. Now just imagine 100 pounds leaching. Although the man claimed the mercury had been put in barrels and buried underneath the ground in pits. reported on June 21, 2016 that the mercury leaching occurred in: Grassy Narrows, nea