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Asteroid 2012 TC4 Approaching Earth October 12, 2017

Top News: On Thursday, October 12, asteroid 2012 TC4 will pass extremely close to Earth at 5:42 UTC or 12:42 am  THIS WEEK NEXT TRENDS Asteroid Trend: Asteroid 2012 TC4 Earthquake Trend: Redoubt Volcano and Ottawa Hurricane  Nate: United States Coastline Impact Ritual Sacrifice Trend:  Las Vegas Shooting Solar Magnetic Storms Trend: Earthquakes Correlation   Solar Magnetic Storms Trend: Health Alert Rivers Drying Up Trend: Madrid Fault Line Asteroid 2012 TC4 Approaching Earth October 12, 2017 2017-10-09 4:16pm Popular Hashtags #asteroid #science #nasa #asteroid2012tc4 More Asteroid Trends Videos of Asteroid 2012 TC4 Tweets of Asteroid 2012 TC4 Books on Asteroids More Asteroid Trends Asteroid Trend September 20, 2016 Asteroid Trend Asteroid 2013 TX 68 MARCH 5, 2016 18:15 Asteroid Trend Breaking News: Saturday's October 10, 2015 Asteroid 86666 (2000 FL10) Striking Near Ear

Asteroid Trend

Twelve Asteroids on April 24, 2017 Eleven asteroids already past the Earth this morning with the last one passing at around 5 pm. The celestial phenomena has brought a Chilean 7.1 Earthquake with Tsunami  calls. According to BP "A sudden dip and then increase in the Proton Density of the Solar Wind strikes the Planet Causing a 7.1 shallow quake in Chile." Unknown Cluster of 12 Asteroids Pass Earth! 7.1 Quake