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Mocking Trend: Black face, Brown Face what does this mean Justin Trudeau Photo Goes Worldwide

Mocking Trend: Black face, Brown Face The Privileged Justin Trudeau Photo Goes Worldwide by Veronica Davis You will not believe what Privileged Justin did again..The Blackface scandal Is it funny? Is it laughing? Is it Mocking? (9/19/2019) Mocking Trend continues and the King of Mockery has to be given to Mr. Trudeau. Everything is funny, but that is a trend happening world wide. What is Funny to you many not be funny to you, and it is the same as hating. Does Justin Trudeau have any compassion for religion or race? In 2017 of December, right in New Years I took a busy time of my schedule to respond to what I thought was an offensive behavior of the Canadian Prime Minister of Canada Trudeau. However that did get World Wide attention because when it comes to mocking Yeshua Jesus Christ I guess we as Christians have been persecuted and are suppose to be Tolerant. Now with this new Black Face attire at a Costume party of Mr. Justin Trudeau it again shows his hieroc