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The Economic Crash Trend

Thursday September 10, 2015 China Dumps A Record $94 Billion In US Treasuries In One Month by Daboo0077 On Wednesday September 9, 2015 reported: Shortly after the PBoC’s move to devalue the yuan, we noted with some alarm that it looked as though China may have drawn down its reserves by more than $100 billion in the space of just two weeks. That, we went on the point out, would represent a stunning increase over the previous pace of the country’s reserve draw down, which we began documenting months ahead of the devaluation (see here, for instance). We went on to estimate, based on the projected size of the RMB carry trade unwind, how large the FX reserve liquidation might need to be to offset capital outflows and finally, late last week, we suggested that China’s official FX reserve data was set to become the new risk-on/off trigger for nervous, erratic markets. In short, the pace at which Beijing is burning through its USD assets in defense of

EMP Attack Trend

Everyone is waiting for an EMP Attack its one of the latest talking trend all over North America. Its just a matter of when. EMP stands for Electronic  Magnetic Pulse. It is believed that there will be an attack to national security in the near future. "They say that if the internet goes down all of world will come to a stand still but preppers will be the last one standing... because of a powergrid" George Noorey on Coast to Coast AM states on August 25, 2015 radio talk show.  Jim Bakker talks to Dr. William Forstchen about EMP Attack on U.S  and what does it mean in response to the article written on August 13, 2015  North Korea: Iran's Pathway to a Nuclear weapon . The discussion begins at 4 min on the Ready Now Expo- Fall 2015 Day 11- Dr William Forstchen , John Shorey aired August 18, 2015. Russia has been in the business in selling bombs as described in the article Russia opens way to missiles deliveries to Iran, Starts Oil for Goods Swap .  As well as in th

Trending Nibiru Planet X Nemesis

History 1978  Dr. Robert S. Harrington finds Intruder Planet It is a several decades worth of trending the planet nibiru. In a discussion between Dr. Robert S. Harrington, Supervisor Astronomer from the US Naval Observatory from Washington , DC USA and Zecharia Sitchin an author, they mention Nibiru being seen as far back as August 14, 1978. They referred to the celestial body as an intruder. The intruder was discovered six weeks after Pluto was seen to have satellites planet in the regions of the solar system. The intruder passed very close to Neptune with a mass three times the earth's size. Dr. Robert S. Harrington mentions that after 1978 it was a difficult search of tracking this planet. The searched area was narrowed down to Suntarus which is south of the constellation Libra. Watch the video discussion below Published on Sep 6, 2015 Inspired by the late Dr. Robert S Harrington, Zecharia Sitchin & Lloyd Pye RIP+ "Top 10 Planet X 7x Nibiru Researche