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Celestial Trend: Bizzare WINNIPEG Sundog .. Nibiru?

24 Shebat 5781 05/02/2021 Celestial Trend Deception Trend.  Sun Stimulator While there were reports of sundog in the Prairies region provinces in Canada today, there were reports of black sun in Russia. In Canada the sun was tripled. There were 3 Suns by the time it was 10 pm. When I saw the Sundog I took my camera and began filming in my backyard.  The cental Sun looked like a portal or human like shape. Was it Jesus. It is no surprise God was calling me to see something special as I looked out my kitchen window in this cold -35 wind chill. In Canada Sundogs become normal in the past decade. I see Sundogs every year but none like today. Three suns and odd shaped sun. I took my camera and video recorded in different angles. I posted the videos on youtube. By the time it started setting in Winnipeg at 5 pm you could still see part of the rainbow effect on both soes of the sun. 10 am Winnipeg Canada February 5 2021 pic 1 pic 2  pic 3 pic 4