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Human Crisis: Anti-Government Protest Germany, France, Bangkok

  Human Crisis Trend     Protest Trend Human Protest Thailand Germany Czech Republic on Edge  Nov 18 2020 by Veronica Davis   2020-11-18  9:56 am Link Showing posts matching the search for human crisis trend Showing posts matching the search for protest trend November 18 2020 Protest Trend  #Bangkok #Thailand   #Bundestag #Berlin #Germany #CzechRepublic #London #England #Ontario  #Canada Shortly before the beginning of the  pandemic, the world was falling apart in the streets around the world. Megatrndz has been reporting for several years the situation on the streets. While some protests can be peaceful some are simply pushed with an agenda.  Today many of the protests are for human freedom, anti-lockdown, anti-masks The media is now reporting situations  of lock-downs being down played. The media is also reporting and writing up on stories where they are racial profiling communities and people by race having