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Good Friday of the Passion of the Lord

Good Friday of the Passion of the Lord Friday, April 24, 2017 John 18.1-19.42 Hebrews 4.14-16, 5.7-9 Today  during Passover week it is  on Friday that  our Lord Jesus Christ leaves his flesh and is scarified on the Cross at the Skulls. When Jesus Christ came to into this world on Earth, he already knew God's Plan because he was the Son of God. Jesus Christ tell us in the "Sermon called Sermon of  Beatitudes" how to abide his laws on Earth and become the "Children of God". The Way To The Cross There are 14 station to the way to the Cross. On each station there are specific prayers. It is most specially performed on Good Friday. On this day, the carrying of the cross is performed around the streets around the world on the day it occurred on Good Friday.(Matthew 5:1-12) Stations of the Cross HD - TV Version Catholic Online Catholic Online The Way Of The Cross/Stations Of The Cross by Divine Mercy Rosary The Way Of The Cross, Fathe