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Humanitarian Crisis Trend: Syria Ghouta, Damascus Humanitarian Crisis

Humanitarian Crisis Trend: Syria Ghouta, Damascus Humanitarian Crisis2018-02-28 by Veronica Davis  

5 Members of United Nations Should Stop Crying Crocodile Tears 

 New York Times Should stop Childish and False Propaganda says Syria United Nations Leader.

Resolution 2401, unanimously adopted on Saturday 24 February 2018 by the United Nations to cease fire and hostilities in Syria has brought about no progress. There were attacks on Sunday, Monday and on Tuesday including  Exposure to Chemical Compound on Sunday. Resolution 2401 calls for a nationwide ceasefire in Syria for 30 days. However , the cease-fire does not apply to military operations against the Islamic State, al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra Front and their associates, and other terrorist groups as designated by the Security Council.
United Nations February 28, 2018 United Kingdom Discourse

Chlorine Gas Exposure 14 Civilians including 3 children . The United Kingdom says that over 1,000 people of Syrian have n…