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Gulf of Aden Vortex

share with everyone  join megatrndz at google+ The Gulf of Aden Vortex Trend The Gulf of Aden Vortex has been under scrutiny for several years now. It is believed that in this historical and biblical area is a stargate with paranormal activity. On December 7, 2010, Wikileaks a Global Intelligence Files database reported the following article called Mysterious "Vortex" warned is Creating Global Weather Catastrophe: A bizzare report ..... a "mysterious magnetic vortex" currently centered in the Gulf of Aden...and China to shut it down, or even to ascentain its exact origin or "cause for being". The article is not clear of what exactly wether or not it is some kind of device or machine that the article is referring to "shut it down". It almost sounds like it is a machine like that of Cern or perhaps like HAARP. With that being said one can speculate that a machine like CERN has been in operations before the article had been