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The Exodus Trend

Join in the conversation join google + follow Megatrndz   The Exodus Trend #refugeecrisis The EU Migrant Crises No Home, No Roof, No Food,  Walking miles and miles to freedom. The new exodus looking for hope and a better life, innocent and hungry. Together they walk every step to a brighter future. Runners not looking back.  Its a new trend happening all over the world. Budapest #Keleti station still a focus for newly arrived refugees. Some turned up just few hours after #marchofhope — Maxim Edwards (@MaximEdwards) September 6, 2015 History repeating itself one more time. The refugees coming from the Middle East. They must of heard that life was better on the other side. Its an inspirational story. Human Beings repeating exodus. Running away and victims of war. These thousands of people are not hiding in their country. But they are facing reality and heading somewhere, anywhere to what they once called home.