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Censorship Trend: President of the United States He Won by Lanslide

Election Fraud Trend      Censorship Trend President of the United States is being partly censored by twitter. As the tweet is being claimed to be disputed. Just an hour ago he tweets 7:30 am central time. Then twitter message prevents retweets likes or shares. The tweet at this moment's time is 8:30 am and it is still presently showing. Megatrndz has done screenshots of tweet and blocked messages in case it disappears. Trends Climate Chaos Trend:   High Winds  Hurricane Trend:   04B Cyclone Nivar near India Nov 25, 2020 Climate Chaos Trend :  Hurricane Storm Eta and Iota  Election Fraud Trend:  U.S Elections 2020  Mushy Natural Resources Kills Nicaraguans in Artisan Mine After Iota and Eta 2020-12-06                       How Unsafe have Mines been in Nicaragua and China? This month has been two disasters in Nicaragua and in China killing dozens of people. It was Friday Morning at around 10:30 am a poor town in Nicaragua worst happened to