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The Trojan Horse Plot Trend

The Trojan Horse is it a Plot  for ISIS Militants What is going on? Are we really seeing what is truly there? Is it a refugee journey, a pilmagrage or a Trojan Horse Plot? This speculation did not just appear out of nowhere. It is being reported that children are being left orphaned as ISIS moved into Syrian small town  as people were left to flee from their homes with nothing (Jim Bakker show). Another well known American Preacher revealed a dream of thousands of people fleeing the US Mexican Border disguised as demons. Could this report be all to revealing in the near future. There is no way for sure if the families seen through the media are true families or are they actually disguised individuals with the same agenda?  Just last year, October 6, 214 there were several news agencies like the UK News, RT News and the International Business News reported the Trojan Horse Plot. If this is all true we may be looking at history's largest human smuggling operation .  In the arti