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Human Crisis: Building Mysteriously Collapses in Florida and John McAfee Targeted

Unexplained Trends     Strange Trends     Laser Trends    Full Moon     Bridge Collapsing Trend   Human Crisis Trend     Targeted Individual Trend Human Crisis:  Building Mysteriously Collapses in Florida and John McAfee Targeted   Veronica Davis 2021-06-25 #megatrndz  #Christians If you think you are being targeted it is because you are. In the past year the targeted trend has sky rocketed and that is because the crime has gone up worldwide. There is enough people targeting one another as groups and organizations become opposed. The world is going through a new dark phase of change that we are not prepared for. But I have learned over time that the one true love that will never abandon you and will never change is God Almighty Jesus Christ. When times get rough it is important to have God Almighty Jesus Christ always close to mind.  A little over 24 hours ago a building in  Surfside, Florida has mysteriously collapsed. It happened close to midnight on June 24 2021, and clear vide