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Celestial Trends: 2022 Prophecies

Celestial Trends: Heavenly Messages Prophecies about Russia Tuesday March 1 2022 6:30 am Central  Valentina Sydney Seer had a couple of accurate Heavenly messages about the 2022  War of Russia. The first was on February 17 2022 Valentina had a message from Our King and Lord Jesus Christ where he said: God the Father said, “My daughter, why I brought you here is because there is so much I want to tell you. The world is not getting any better. It is very sinful. Oh, what a mess! It is a mess wherever I look. Wherever I look, My poor children live in a sinful state, and they keep going on in that way like there is no tomorrow.” “One good thing that there is My daughter is I removed part of the Coronavirus. It is not as dangerous as it was. I have pity on My children so that they can go back to work to survive. They have to earn a living and provide for their families.” “Another thing I want to tell you is that the war with Russia, for the time being, is suspended but not completely stoppe