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Dragon Slayed #kimjongun Kim Jong Un Dead

Ding Dong..Dragon Slayed Kim Jong Un Dead 4/25/2020 #kimjongun #KIMJONGUNDEAD Reported worldwide Hong Kong' foreign Minister, China's medical team and Japan. Did 36 year old Kim Jong Un die of Corona virus..heart failure? The hashtag says it all as it is trending on twitter. — by veronica (@megatrndz) April 25, 2020 It must of not been predicted but the Bible speaks of the Dragon, flying serpent and satan. Are we living in Biblical times when..? Probably one of the most hated men.. has kicked the bucket over a botched surgery. apparently Kim Jong un. has fallen off on the country side visits. Reports are not that sketchy..just as sketchy when another political communist dictator  disappeared for months Daniel Ortega and abandoned his country amidst the pandemic. We saw how Kim Jong Un mocking Christians when he stepped out of the sunset with pictures of him on a white horse. It was a strange enough or. A well orch