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Corey's Law

Civil Right & Equality Trend: Corey's Law November 20, 2017 3:00pm #civilright&equality #ISTANDWITHCOREY #CoreysTRUTHCampaign #PRESERVEINNOCENCE #notok HAPPY HOLIDAYS FOLX! I HAV A MAJOR CAMPAIGN UPDATE ANNOUNCEMENT COMING LATE TONIGHT! IN THE MEANTIME PLEASE SIGN THIS & SHARE IT W EVERY1 U KNOW! ITS TOTALLY FREE & CAN CHANGE THE FED LAW FORCING CA 2 REVIEW MY CASES! #COREYSLAW #PRESERVEINNOCENCE — Corey Feldman (@Corey_Feldman) November 20, 2017 It has been over 3 weeks since Superstar Corey Feldman has publicly made aware the world with his new  Corey Truth Campaign. Review his own youtube video below.  Since, then Corey Feldman is pushing hard with revealing more about his life, and pushing further the boundaries in the civil rights and equality movement. COREY FELDMAN'S TRUTH CAMPAIGN is the title of the video and since today with 1,007,142 views Corey Feldman it was published on Oct 25, 2017 For more detai