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Isaiah 34 Judgement on the Nations Blood Moon July 27, 2018

Isaiah 34 Judgement on the Nations Blood Moon July 27, 2018 by Veronica Davis  July 26, 2018 Judgement for Middle East and Europe is coming Judgement on the Nations Blood Moon July 27, 2018 Draw Near O Nations to Hear; O Peoples, give heed! Let the Earth hear, and all that fills it, the World, and all that comes from it. For the Lord is enraged against all nations, and furious against all their hordes, he has doomed them, has given them over for slaughter. Their slain shall be cast out, and the stench of their corpses shall rise; I believe God has shown me this passage before i interpreted anything else of what is happening all around us this past month July 2018. I believe that God is making a Judgement on the Nations due to the fact that he has led me to that page. So yes I would have to agree that God is wrath like the Greek Orthodox has said after the July 23, fires. For those who are obedience all we be fine but the Blood Moon on July 27, 20

July 2018 Weather Wars

Climate Change Trend      Tectonic Plates Moving Continent Trend    Continental Drift Trend     Island Disappearing Trend      Climate Chaos Trend     Fireball Trend    Volcano Eruption Trend   Asteroid Trend   Q Anon Trend  Biological Weapon Trend      False Missile Alert Trend   Sinkhole Trend    Unusual Earthquake Trend      Laser Technology Trend     Mass Genocide Plan Trend     Direct Energy Weapon Trend     Emp Attack Trend   Human Crisis Trend    The False Prophet Trend        Blackout Trend    Weather Warfare Trend  The A.I Trend   Evacuation Order Trend     Full Moon Disaster Correlation Trend    CME Trend  Chem trail Trend     Atmospheric Geoengineering Trend     Weather Manipulation Trend         Account Suspension Trend     Climate Chaos: Weather Wars Agenda 21 by Veronica Davis 2018-07-26 #prayforgreece #climatechaos #monsoon  #heatwave ##HAARP  #Chemtrails #WeatherWarfare #GeoEngineering #neurotoxins Hebrews 12:29