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Innocent Kidnapped Children from the Sandinista Regime

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Innocent Kidnapped Children from the Sandinista Regime
On July 24 2019, A Jinotega man reports an alarmed child in fear of violent armed Sandinista Police. In the image and video you can see that the child is  well dressed ready to go mass. A child reports that many children going to Church to Mass in the small town of Jinotega were taken. They were dragged in the streets. The children were being kidnapped in the street. This child was saved but what about the others.

The following tweet by previous survivors of the Regime Articulo 66 reports:

One child witnessed the violent capture made by the Orteguista Police of six young people in the Sandino neighborhood in Jinotega. "They loaded the AK's that were going to shoot us," denounced the minor. Video courtesy #Artículo66#DerechoAInformar

Reporten todo no hay justicia en nicaragua — by veronica (@megatrndz) July 25, 2019Human Crisis TrendInd…

Sandistas Terrorists Using Social Media to Target University Students and Children

Human Crisis TrendIndividual Targeting Trend

Sandinista Ortegista Terrorists Using Social Media to Target University Students and Children

( July 26, 2019 5:30 am UTC) The tiny country of Nicaragua that lies in the middle of Central America. A country with dozens of Volcanoes continues to be repressed from the Sandinista Ortegista Regime. The people on the street continue to be repressed where the children no longer have rights. Human lives continue to be lost and not respected. Yesterday a small child was on camera claiming that he was beaten by the Police in the streets of Jinotega, Nicaragua.

Today there are more reports of civilians seeing bombs thrown against the civilians in the Street. Around the world victims of the Sandinista Ortegista regime beginning 40 years ago,  pray for the people of Nicaragua. Read more on other similar topics"Human Crisis Sandinista Terrorists"

April 28 2018 " Sandinista Thugs of War "

Watch video below in the video, the students are…

Targeted Individual Trend Private Security says No July 24 2019

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Individual Targeted Trend No Photos Taken Here say Private Security
(July 24,2019) In the next video you will see how private security firms are being hired to control journalists and freedom to take photography. But that is not all, how about to control the public land. The world is becoming smaller and smaller our civil rights as human beings to have our liberties taken away is already happening in front of us. When the Israelites lost their individual rights to the Egyptians was it forced. Did the Israelites loose their freedom freely? Did the Israelites beca…