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Sandistas Terrorists Using Social Media to Target University Students and Children

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Sandinista Ortegista Terrorists Using Social Media to Target University Students and Children

( July 26, 2019 5:30 am UTC) The tiny country of Nicaragua that lies in the middle of Central America. A country with dozens of Volcanoes continues to be repressed from the Sandinista Ortegista Regime. The people on the street continue to be repressed where the children no longer have rights. Human lives continue to be lost and not respected. Yesterday a small child was on camera claiming that he was beaten by the Police in the streets of Jinotega, Nicaragua.

Today there are more reports of civilians seeing bombs thrown against the civilians in the Street. Around the world victims of the Sandinista Ortegista regime beginning 40 years ago,  pray for the people of Nicaragua. Read more on other similar topics "Human Crisis Sandinista Terrorists"

 April 28 2018 " Sandinista Thugs of War "

Watch video below in the video, the students are asking for their rights only to be targeted by the Sandinista Youth it is a never ending harassment. Freedom of speech does not go unless you are punished by maniacs on social media like elnicalegal. Red and Black colors have been the colors to identify the communist, sandista , and ortagista, Antifa colors they are all united to bring the one world government. These colors are being spread all over social media by identifying themselves as red and black hearts next to their profile pictures. This is all highly organized all part of the deception agenda worldwide.

If you go to his online tweeter page you will find dozens like him trying to silence the youth future of Nicaragua. I have filed a report on twitter hopefully they will take that page down. If they do not then it will be an ongoing battle with the truth. Will social media be used as a game for riots and war against human dignity and lives or will it be the culprit to fuel chaos around the World. If elnicalegal twitter account is still up, we take that maniac online as an example of an ongoing chaos. If it comes down than twitter is doing the right thing. Terrorists and killers like the  Sandinista Ortegista region should not have propaganda spread.

Will banning elnicalegal actually happen? Tell megatrndz what you think about social media being used in countries where civil war has existed.

10 hours ago the people from a town called Masaya hid behind Church walls. The following tweet was sent by the Alianza Universitaria Nicaragüense
Masaya's dignity is the soul that holds Nicaragua firm. Daniel sleeping and Rosario delirious are worthless compared to the energy of this town! Long live Masaya free!


At 7:38 PM · Jul 24, 2019 The Real Brave students claiming that they are student not deliquents.
At around 4 pm July 25, 2019 A sandista crook claims the opposite targeting the same individuals.

This is the type of people that need to be blocked online. Fake news, Fake images, If you see this online report to block images.