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Human Crisis Trend: Sandinistas Thugs of War

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Human Crisis Trend:

 You have heard of Antifa now the Nicaragua's Sandinistas Thugs of War

by Veronica Davis 2018-04-20

#humanrights #humancrisis  #nicaragua #NoALaViolencia #QueremosLaPaz

Freedom of Speech has been unplugged by the Press as the Country has created a power outage.

Old people were beaten up in the streets and one child has lost its eye.

Le sacan el ojo - en Marcha contra la Reformas del INSS

Worried family members outside of Nicaragua are being left from outside world communication. People cashing check fear of bank closures.

Just like the United States Antifa so co-exists the Sandista in Nicaragua. Is the Devil trying to reign over God's Throne. Causing disorder all over the world.

To a country like Nicaragua  where thousands have fled to other countries due to the Sandistas Communist Revolution has the innocent ones that stayed there in fear or another Revolution started by this Thugs of War.

The World of Communism wants to dictate even long after 1980's Civil War in Nicaragua.
2018-04-19 Chinandega, Nicaragua

How does a simple walk in the Streets become a violent circus in the Streets. When the Government brings in force against its own people instead of arresting the  few vandals and aggressors.  In some countries if you are lucky your point of view is respected but all it takes a few goons for the police to increase the terror and soon a peaceful walk turns into chaos. A simple action to cause a reaction. It usually is that one bad apple.

Nicaraguan changes in government has brought peaceful demonstrators around the country to the streets.

 In a tweet from Channel 4 on Thursday April 19,2018 people had signs saying "love for nicaragua" and "no to violence, we want peace" . Soon after at around 11 am the news began to surface about violence began with people throwing rocks and escalating to one death of a Sandista from Tipitapa.

What is happening in Nicaragua that has not happened in many years since its Civil War? Nicaragua is a tiny landmass of a country, that could almost be the size of Island. A country among the Latin American Continent and it is under a Human Crisis more than ever before. Let us hope it does not become a country like Venezuela and Honduras and several other Latin Countries ran through its corrupt politicians. But it sure has its innocent locals in fear of food shortage after this chaos that is uprising leaving vulnerable after the upside confusion.

The human crisis began this week, and it only has been escalating since Thursday.

On April 19, 2018 Oswaldo Rivas writes :

Local television station “100% Noticias,” which was broadcasting the protests live, had its signal abruptly cut. The television station took to Twitter to call the move “arbitrary and illegal.”

Earlier this week the Nicaragua Government made several changes to their security system.
The violence began in the streets  on Thursday as the social security increased for the employees, and employers. Five Percent will also be allocated to medical expenses for the Pensioners in Nicaragua.

Three native municipalities Bilwi, Waspam y Prinzapolka joined together as the Children walked the streets holding paper heart signs of peace and love for their country.  This patriotic walk for their country had reverends and community priests joining the walk on April 19, 2018

Pastores y reverendos de diferente denominaciones acompañaron al pueblo en esta caminata que culminó en el Parque Municipal de Puerto Cabezas.

Human Crisis Trend: Human Rights Should not be a Business

by Veronica Davis 2018-04-05

#humanrights #humancrisis #slavery #nafta #america #mexico #honduras #pueblosinfronteras #caravan

Since When did A Human Crisis turn into a Business Deal. We need to be extra careful because human kindness should not be mixed with human hording. Are we getting a little greedy. Usually I am a supporter of Donald Trumps decision but turning a Human Crisis to a money deal is really poor.
It reminds me of how people get turned into slavery due to  economics. Never trade Humanity for a Price.

Should a Human Crisis be a business deal between two countries. Well that is the conversation that President Donald Trump thinks he has under his sleeve when it comes to Mexico. However a human rights crisis issue has nothing to do with NAFTA deals when it comes to the homeless and violently abused human beings taking journey to a safe haven around the world. As is the case of the 1300 mostly Honduran people seeking asylum somewhere. It seems the American think that the United States is where they are heading however it has never been confirmed that that is the case. On April 5, 2018 President Donald Trump tweets:

The Caravan is largely broken up thanks to the strong immigration laws of Mexico and their willingness to use them so as not to cause a giant scene at our Border. Because of the Trump Administrations actions, Border crossings are at a still UNACCEPTABLE 46 year low. Stop drugs!

The group that assists in people from not being harmed by Mexico or any other country around the world is called Pueblo Sin Fronteras. But before I get to that , the problem in all of this Human rights issue is that it reminds me of the type of society that is growing. A society where we are being taught not to help the needy in the streets. What about helping the blind cross the street. What about helping a lost stranded dog in the street.

Anyways, this group's mission as stated on their twitter account claims:

Our mission is to provide shelter and safety to migrants and refugees in transit,accompany them in their journey,and together demand respect for our human rights. So God Bless this people for being heroes rather than haters. I think there is nothing wrong in doing Jesus Christ work of not hating your neighbour or as Jesus Said himself "love others as I have loved you".

Human Crisis Trend : Human Crisis Asylum at the Border S2 Episode18 2018 04 05 3 04 29 PM

Democracy Now reports Caravan of Central American Migrants Holds a Mirror to Cruel U.S. Immigration Policy & Imperialism

Human Crisis Trend:  1,300 Hondurans  on Foot Compassion Over Hatred

by Veronica Davis  2018-04-03

When you spread hatred instead of compassion for the meek and the poor , then the media will get no where. As it is written and said by Jesus Christ himself  "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.( Saint Matthew 5:3). Expected to reach the United States border in and around April 11, 2018 a group of asylum seekers mainly 88% from Honduras. The Human Crisis Continues as more people walk on foot around the world to reach freedom from persecution and danger . On December 3, 2018 a corrupt Honduras Government has been leaving people in fear as read in "Coup d'état Trend : A Country in Crisis, Dangers of a Coup d'état Trend " on December 03, 2017. When people disguised as media go out and label human beings as M 13 or as an army when they do not have weapons is really concerning on the level of compassion for human beings. It is happening all around the world.

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The number one reason this amount of chaos exists comes from a corrupt country. The Human Flow is a recent well documented netflix about the Human Crisis trends already in existence in Europe. Over 22, 000 people fleeing from the Middle East into nearby countries was a sad but real documentary of our times.

But a small group of caravan, has got so much attention from social media due to the fact that it was the President of United States that recognized it as a problem.All these news comes after President Donald Trump tweeted his opinion  on this issues on April 1, 2018 .

You know its fair to watch all kinds of videos today on social media but when there are some reporters that do not report the accurate information it is leaves me thinking about other reports done.  No one can deny the fact of the chaos that exists in Honduras today.

But for now I will leave all videos for your discretion. Some feedbacks were really grueling and made me think are this people even ok to state violence against innocent poor lives fleeing from violence. There are comments like mowing people down . Last time I checked it was the terrorist themselves doing just that on the streets of New York and France this pasts year.

 But that is why it is important to state the truth than to spread hatred. Calling a group of people who are in fear of their safety as an "army" truly sounds like the people that called Jesus wicked  or a revolutionist. But in the end, truth always prevails. As it was said " Only truth should said you free" the very words of Jesus Christ himself(John 8:32). So those were the words of God, as history and lies can repeat itself time and time again from generation to generation.

On my point of view of human lives, it is to be protected, secured and respected with dignity. So if one group chooses to be human and aid people whom are homeless than more power to them. As in this case of the Borders

Caravan of migrants marches to border without wall by Kenn Daily

In a video created by infowars, called "Dems Fuel Caravan Invasion Of U.S. Borders" with over 40 k views since its release. The video states :

When President Trump signed the 2,232 page left right corpracratic 1.6 Trillion Omnibus last week that barely anyone read or was able to read,

After watching an inhuman report by Millie, it was sad to see, the amount of hatred that is being spread for people fleeing from a humanitarian crisis. It was a terrible report to call it an invading army specially when none of them are armed but rather are kids and family. There is no "alarming" situation in your so called border location, and perhaps Millie should wait and have evidence before she "warns" anyone. I only saw the war in her head.

WARNING! Invading Army Of Immigrants Marching Towards US Southern Border 21,136 views