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Nation-less Trend: 140,000 Salvordorans May Be Nation-less

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Nation-less Trend: 250,000 Salvadorans May Be Nation-less
18-01-2018 by Veronica Davis #DACA #SaveTPS

Asylum Seekers Before They Are Seeking Is being Patriotic.
Being a Nationalist
A Traditionalist
Even worth the meaning of those words, anymore.
You know the explorer or the voyager.
Now can we call those the wanderers.
What the heck am I talking about.

Will one day the meaning of being from a specific country even mean anything anymore.
As "they"push people like cattle from one place to another.

Who is herding this livestock.
No wait, I am not talking about a farm.
Not cows.
I am talking about people.
I am talking about a family.

What does family mean now to politics to nations to leaders of all nations.

We all heard Ex Presidents from the United States, France and other calling it…

Deadly Airplane Crashes Trend: Is 5 Enough

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Deadly Airplane Crashes Trend: Is 5 Enough by Veronica Davis 2018-04-06 1:10 pm #qanon #silentwar #ww3 #spacejunk
The Human Crisis continues only this time it is not on foot but over the skies and in the waters as strange things falling from the sky. Did the media really try to really distract us from the truth. It has Americans more focused on the smoke screen. Is President Trump order to send Military to the Mexican  Border a cover up for the real truth that America is under Attack and not by the obvious see Human Crisis Trend: Human Rights Should not be a Business. Because let us face it since when do you call homeless innocent poor people fleeing form war an "army" as the infowar media is ramping it up to be.

ai crashes q anon S3 Ep 1 p 1 2018 04 06 2 22 10 PM

#qanon trend world political leaders arrested S3 Ep 1 p 2 2018 04 06 …

Human Crisis Trend: Human Rights Should not be a Business

 Nation-less Trend  Human Crisis Trend Coup D'etat Trend

Human Crisis Trend: Human Rights Should not be a Businessby Veronica Davis 2018-04-05
#humanrights #humancrisis #slavery #nafta #america #mexico #honduras #pueblosinfronteras #caravan

Since When did A Human Crisis turn into a Business Deal. We need to be extra careful because human kindness should not be mixed with human hording. Are we getting a little greedy. Usually I am a supporter of Donald Trumps decision but turning a Human Crisis to a money deal is really poor.
It reminds me of how people get turned into slavery due to  economics. Never trade Humanity for a Price.

Should a Human Crisis be a business deal between two countries. Well that is the conversation that President Donald Trump thinks he has under his sleeve when it comes to Mexico. However a human rights crisis issue has nothing to do with NAFTA deals when it comes to the homeless and violently abused human beings taking journey to a safe haven around the wo…

Human Crisis Trend: Sandinistas Thugs of War

 Nation-less Trend  Human Crisis Trend Coup D'etat Trend

Human Crisis Trend:You have heard of Antifa now the Nicaragua's Sandinistas Thugs of Warby Veronica Davis 2018-04-20
#humanrights #humancrisis  #nicaragua #NoALaViolencia #QueremosLaPaz

Freedom of Speech has been unplugged by the Press as the Country has created a power outage.
Old people were beaten up in the streets and one child has lost its eye.Nicaragua Communist Sandista's Thugs of War 2018 04 20 10 03 09 AM
Le sacan el ojo - en Marcha contra la Reformas del INSS

Worried family members outside of Nicaragua are being left from outside world communication. People cashing check fear of bank closures.

Just like the United States Antifa so co-exists the Sandista in Nicaragua. Is the Devil trying to reign over God's Throne. Causing disorder all over the world.

To a country like Nicaragua  where thousands have fled to other countries due to the Sandistas Communist Revolution has the innocent ones that stayed there…

Human Crisis Trend: Nicaragua's Sandinistas Pulling Trucks of Stones

 Nation-less Trend  Human Crisis Trend Coup D'etat Trend

Human Crisis Trend:Nicaragua's Sandinistas Pulling Trucks of Stones by Veronica Davis 2018-04-21

Day Three Ortega Government Shooting its own People in the Streets
If the Nicaragua Goverment wanted order, they would of had it long time ago. But it is the chaos that they want The lies of a dictatorship government with a communist leader and his wife a real practising witch. They are known as "brujos del poder".

May God Bless Nicaraguan people .A young 18 year old Michael Cruz dies yesterday from police brutality. The Mother of Michael Cruz mourns her son in the funeral but has not quit in speaking up the truth. In the next video you will hear her  blaming the Ortega Sandinista Communist Government. She says that they want a civil war. 

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"I do not care if they threaten me, I am not afraid of them" says Michael Cruz Mother as she mour…

Human Crisis Trend: Pope Francis and Monsenior Silvio Baez Urgent Message to Nicaragua's

 Nation-less Trend  Human Crisis Trend Coup D'etat Trend

Human Crisis Trend: Pope Francis and Monsenior Silvio Baez Urgent Message to  Nicaragua's  by Veronica Davis 2018-04-22

Human Crisis Trend: Pope Francis and Monsenior Silvio Baez Urgent Message to Nicaragua's

The Nicaraguan people are crying out #SOSNicaragua as the police are going around committing crime against humanity. Nicaraguan Authorities are   massacring innocent people randomly shooting.  On its fifth day, they are preventing them from  Food as they are blocking supermarkets . People are in urgent need of food and water. Monday schools for Children are closed as the turmoil and civil war continues.
No one can leave their homes as the Police will kill them. Today, Pope Francis already has called "stop all the violence " against the Nicaraguan people and 

We pray for the safety of Monsenior Silvio Baez . He has been a good shepperd for his people in Nicaragua and loving message in such time of turmoil.…