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Geoengineering Hurricane Harvey

follow megatrndz on  twitter ,  facebook , youtube  and google plus  Is Hurricane Harvey Geoengineering 2017-08-30 11:50am There are several videos popping out of the internet, for geoengineering Hurricane Harvey So it is said , that King David would cast away demons when he played his harp. Has anyone heard of Haarp. If not you have alot ot catch up with. What about Atlantis. Has anyone heard Atlantis people were so advanced it is said that they created a catastrophy by manipulating the weather. Makes a little more sense now. Find other information on megatrndz about geo engineering, or weather warfare, weather modification, or climate change. Find tags on megatrndz website to find more selective topics  But are we just scratching the surface read actual website Recent videos that have reached the top of the surface of the internet or brain supercomputer find are youtubers acl

Power Surge Trend

Countdown to the Great American Solar Eclipse Are you prepared! What is a power surge? In electrical engineering, spikes are fast, short duration electrical transients in voltage (voltage spikes), current (current spikes), or transferred energy (energy spikes) in an electrical circuit. On  August 9, 2017 ABC news report created a short segment about  how States prepare for potential power surge amid solar eclipse, but there was no real explanation what it all meant. However ABC news is saying that the eclipse could impact nations power grid? The ABC reporter also nailed it when he said " their solution , turn the lights off". Watch video clip below where States prepare for potential power surge amid solar eclipse Just yesterday, August 19, wrote an article entitled "Government warns power surge directly following eclipse may knockout power grid, cell phones "Another issue has to do with cell phone usage [...] your cell phones are