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Retailers Closing Trend: American Toy's R US Vanishing off the Market

Retailers Closing Trend: American Toy's R US Vanishing off the Market Veronica Davis 2018-03-16 toy r us closing after 70 years in business sounds like GOD's hand intervened, soemthing definitely was going on there — (@megatrndz) March 19, 2018 When you mess with the Lord you never win. A million Thanks to the current megatrndz readers make sure you check out megatrndz show on megatrndz youtube channel. If you like these story please make sure to share what friends by clicking share button above. Subscribe today and receive daily  social trends: Enter your email address: Must verify email by  FeedBurner Leave a comment below and share your view on this issue. Email me at Together we can change for the best. God Bless You. Retailers Closing Trend is becoming a domino effect in our Society. How much harm will this bring or is it simply a blessing for new and fre

Retailers Closing Trend

Follow MEGATNDZ on TWITTER  Like MEGATRNDZ on Facebook  Continued from Don't forget to subscribe and like American Apparel Bought out By Montreal Gildan Activewear Congrats! A new start for a Canadian Company , Congrats! As one company fails another celebrates. Is Fashion more expensive than the clothiers? In this case yes. It looks like Fashion proves to be more expensive when a clothing maker company buys one out. Once again like so many other Big Giant Retailers, like Target Canada, American Apparel closed its doors at the beginning of  the year. Retailers American Apparel will be closing its doors as it was bought out by Montreal Clothing Maker Canadian Brand Gildan Activewear (GIL). On January 10, 2017 Cbc news said that the $88 million dollar auction buy of American Apparel will not include the retail assets. So it is not clear what exactly Gildan Activewear will be buying. The reuters did howev