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History Perception the Heart and Ouroboros

Human Crisis Trend    The Warning Trend     Deception Agenda    Remove Statue Trend   Cancel Culture Movement Trend History Perception the Heart and Ouroboros Veronica Davis 7/29/2020 Genesis 20:5  Matthew 24:12  John 12:40 What is the History of the Conquistadors?  We can ask all the questions there is to ask, but it is like chasing your own tail? The snake eating its own tail  symbol for Ouroboros comes to mind. This is what is happening. It is just a destruction understand every detail of history. Who? What? Where? When? Why? What is Oroboros?  How does this relate to the Divine Qodesh and the Ra? That is what the serpent wants us Christians to put to thought? Rather than focus on the Word of God. Jesus Christ is history? We are history? We make history as we go along? We are the individuals? Our thought process lives in the Body of Christ. With that in Mind? On June 16 2020 the first Statues of