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History Perception the Heart and Ouroboros

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History Perception the Heart and Ouroboros

Veronica Davis 7/29/2020

Genesis 20:5  Matthew 24:12  John 12:40

What is the History of the Conquistadors? 

We can ask all the questions there is to ask, but it is like chasing your own tail? The snake eating its own tail  symbol for Ouroboros comes to mind. This is what is happening. It is just a destruction understand every detail of history. Who? What? Where? When? Why?

What is Oroboros? 
How does this relate to the Divine Qodesh and the Ra?

That is what the serpent wants us Christians to put to thought? Rather than focus on the Word of God. Jesus Christ is history? We are history? We make history as we go along? We are the individuals? Our thought process lives in the Body of Christ. With that in Mind?

On June 16 2020 the first Statues of Conquistador Juan De Onate come down? A month later articles are still being written from the right or the left about Who.. What.. Where ..When ..Why?

The question that must be put into focus here is not just what is truth but what were the characteristics of this heroes that history chose at that particular time? 

Is society seeing the characteristics of  Conquerors as a bad thing? 

Standing out of a crowd is not how communists think? 

Like the Conquistadors who were sent to survive on their own being sent by a Queen or King ? 

The whole mentality of having been sent from a Queen or Kings is also being depicted as a bad thing? Abolishing Kingdoms is also a Communist perspective. Even though, they abide to the Evil One, a dictatorship.

The mentality of a Communist is to conquer through the masses. This is why the masses of people have been seen walking in the streets for one cause in the past decades.

There is an element of Irony and False Illusion being portrayed all part of the Deception Agenda.

The Oroboros, The Circle, The Whirlwind
The Path of the Cursed

The truth is a matter that not being able to judge for yourself, removes freedom. You loose your freedom. 

On July 13 2020  the headlines reads, 'Statues of Conquistador Juan De Onate Come Down As New Mexico Wrestles With History'.

Getting Caught Up in the Cursed Circle of Life

Being caught up in the circle of Ouroboros is the real threat for Christians and humanity. Stepping out of the cursed circle and focusing in the Word of God during the  Coming End of Age.

Teenagers are being sold shoes labels like Vans has Slip-On with the Ouroboros Black & White Skate pictures on it.

Unfulfilled Destroyers

Those that have integrity are fulfilled and feel complete finished. 

Christians need to be more like the time of Moses as written in the Book of the Exodus. Yahweh told the Israelite, the Children of God, the Qodesh. In the Book called Triumphants, from the chapter, ' The Stephanos, The Crown of Life', I describe :

Who are the Stephanos? What is the Crown of Life? Saint James described the crown of Life as , ‘Blessed is the man who endures temptation; for when he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who Love him. This is the ultimate reward. I believe that the Crown of Life is given on Earth by the Holy Spirit. The Crown of Life is an unseen Halo. Did I capture my own Crown of Life on camera? I believe I did. If all I have to do is love Jesus Christ, then that is not a hard thing to do. The devil puts faithful in prison for 10 days to test until death, then God gives the crown of life. (Rv 2:10)..

I believe that there are 144,000 people around the world that are part of the Remnant, the Holy Seed, that will be Holy Priests and people wearing them are also wearing the golden crown of life. These new Holy Priests will not be like the visible ones from the time of Moses and Joshua but rather a new generation from the new season. These priests have an invisible marking on the forehead that will spread the Holiness of the Word of God. 

The invisible signet or seal will be there as a protection. This will also be in connection with the message Jesus Christ said that the message of God will be spread throughout the World and from the Jews comes Salvation of the Soul. They are not part of the Saints, Disciples or Apostles but messengers to the Word of God the first fruits to build the Body of Christ in preparedness to build the New Jerusalem.

As I get more inspired in connecting God’s message I am humbled by his Grace and Glory. Opening my eyes to the connections being made are amazing as the day that I was born for this season. How many are here, says the Lord. Not enough as there should be millions that should be here but are not. Here at a moment in time of Grace. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.

Getting caught in the cursed circle of life will only make you angry. Reading headlines after headlines of statues being torn for no reason then that of the despisor. What is a despisor? One that despises everything. The Headline is meant to cause a reaction. Take for example, the headline written on July 7, 2020,  'Destroyed Frederick Douglass statue' by USA Today. Because the despisor destroys. Another headline, written by Breitbart on July 12, 2020,  'USC Will Remove John Wayne Exhibit After Student Protests' .

  Triumphants    Heaven Mysteries

Why is the Hebrew word lebab or heart important in the sacred scriptures. Because they were first a warning to mankind and then a sign to mankind. The first time Yahweh warns the people of Israel. Then Jesus Christ gives 'lack of love' as a sign of the coming of end of age.

The first time the word heart or meaning inner man shows up in The Old Testament is in the Book of Genesis 20:5.

What is lebab?


lebab לֵבָב
inner man, mind, will, heart

kardia  καρδία, ας, ἡ
Heart, mind, character, inner self, will, intention, center.

In the  Chapter 'Straight Path One Road' from the Book called  Triumphants page 220 it quotes:

The path that Yeshua Jesus Christ promises is straight. God Almighty Jesus Christ cures us from demonic attacks, diseases and gives perpetual light and abundance and everlasting life. From the beginning of time mankind was supposed to be everlasting like Elohim God Almighty had a straight path for humanity.

However, the straight path for humanity over time changed. After Moses’ time the road for mankind was explained to the Israelites as having two roads, one with a blessing the other with a curse found in the scriptures from the Book of Deuteronomy chapter eleven verse twenty-six. In the same way Moses explained life or death in the Book of Deuteronomy chapter thirty verse fifteen.

Because it was always Moses and the Chosen people, the Israelites against the Magician the Pharaoh. Which is why had strict rules then, it is in the same time we are living today.

Do you want to be Holy to God Almighty, the Qodesh, the Divine, the Sacred, the Triuphants, the Stephanos?

Where to find in the Heaven Mysteries website?

From The Old Testament Moses describes in the Book of Deuteronomy 30:15 and Jesus Christ says in the Gospel According to Saint Matthew that 'most people's love will grow cold', (Mt 24:12).