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Shaky Grounds Creeping Trend

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BREAKING NEWS  Russia to Hold Large Scale Nuclear Readiness exercise in #Novosibirsk

2017-09-24 The large scale exercise of the strategic Missile Forces with the participation more than 4,000 servicemen are involved in the exercise in Moscow. 400 units of equipment will be held in the end of September in the Novosibirsk region. It is being reported in the website Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation:

In the exercise, on a qualitatively new level, the issues of camouflage of mobile ground missile systems, the withdrawal of units and subunits of the Strategic Missile Forces from attacks and counteraction to modern and promising means of air attack, as well as warning of the threat of their use in cooperation with the units and units of the Central Air Command will be worked out. In addition, to work out the issues of warning about the threat of …

Unexplained Animal Invasion Trend

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Unexplained Beetle Invasion Trend 2016-03-03
 Is it real. Could this really be happening. Well something strange is going on animals seem to be multiplying in gigantic proportions not of the norm. Is it nature. Or are they mutants. Is it Apocalyptic.

 Animal Invasion Scientific Explanation

Categorizing the animal beetle plague as a strange phenomena. Did these four legged creature predict the Argentinian Earthquake prior reaching the ground surface. Is it Global warming. January is said to be the Black Maize Beetle mating season. Some reports have claimed that these Beetles mating season seems to be moving further and further from January regular mating season. Whatever the case its being reported as horrific .

Argentina Animal Plague

Locust infestation was a problem in January 2016 in the same area.
The millions of Black Maize Beetle in…