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Where is Irma today?

Where is Irma September 7, 2017 Hurricane Irma 2017 09 07 8 08 59 PM by megatrndz Hurricane Irma Will Continue to destroy the Caribbean Where is Irma, Has anyone seen Irma? Probably the most popular question to ask this week. As the foot waves are up to 48 ft high in the Ocean is slowly moves through the Turks and Caicos Islands this evening Thursday September 7, 2017. Bahamas Cuba Haiti Dominican Republic Puerto Rico Where was hurricane Irma, on September 6, 2017 Destroying little islands such as Barbuda and St Martin islands battering Puerto Rico with 185mph winds. In Barbuda, there were claims of people tying ropes on their beds, so they would not fly away. Hurricane Irma destroy 90%  of the homes of Barbuda. Watch full megatrndz video of Where is Irma Today? What happened September 7, 2017 by megatrndz Read previous article "No Powerful Solar Flare or Hurricane Irma will stop the OTV-5 Mission" published 2017-09-07 Read next article &q

The Angry Sun

No Powerful Solar Flare or Hurricane Irma will stop  the OTV-5 Mission 2017-09-07 No Powerful Solar Flare or Hurricane Irma will stop  the OTV-5 Mission despite the fact the most powerful Solar Radiation had just caused a Radio Blackouts for an hour yesterday. Orbital Test Vehicle 5 (OTV-5) Mission Could one of the most powerful burst of radiation cause and provoke the ocean waters and create the most perfect storm.  The most powerful solar flare or burst of radiation has created radio blackouts. It has only been 17 days since the August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse and the sun is looking pretty angry? There is a root to all causes right? There were radio blackouts that were High-frequency radio blackouts and loss of contact for an hour - low frequency communication also hit. In the article   "Most powerful solar flare in a decade causes radio blackouts" at 1:03pm UK time: The SWPC said high-frequency radio experienced a wide area of blackouts, loss of cont

Trending videos on 2017-09-07

Trending videos  on 2017-09-07 The world is concerned with being hit by a hurricane or a meteorite. But if one hit first, definitely the hurricane making landfall is of interest around the world. Watch both videos and see for yourself  how nature can be destructive and either one can and will destroy. If either natural rampage hit a target it is destructive to mankind. While New York Fashion week, and North Korea 's Hydrogen Bomb Test occurred this week none bit the interest of citizens around the world. #1 on trending Live footage as Hurricane Irma destroys Maho Beach Cam in St Maarten 9/6/2017 8,072,146 views #2 on Trending Youtube videos Meteorite Sept 4 2017 288,258 views Since Jacquie McKay Published her video on Sep 4, 2017 it has been trending online. The video was shot in Bridge Lake BC where she captures a meteorite passing from her security cam!! The flash woke me up!

Fuel Shortage

Fill it Up o L lénalo 2017-09-07 3:30pm   ( English) Today , September 7, Governor Scott is briefing from Jacksonville on his worries of fuel. "We need your gas stations to stay open as long as you can" urges the Governor of Florida Scott. ( Espanol ) Hoy, 7 de septiembre, el Gobernador Scott está informando a Jacksonville sobre sus preocupaciones por el combustible. "Necesitamos que sus gasolineras permanezcan abiertas mientras pueda", insta al gobernador de Florida Scott. Go Buddy App will show where they are out of fuel 1 800 342 3557  Local Emergency Hotline, call if you are in a evacuation zone Google map will post closed roads  La aplicación Go Buddy mostrará dónde están sin combustible 1 800 342 3557    Línea de emergencia local, llame si se encuentra en una zona de evacuación Mapa de Google publicará caminos cerrados ( English) This is a very common problem during evacuation orders there is no real Fuel Plan for the citizens t