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#standwithukraine #stoprussia After Russia Attacks February 24 2022

February 24 2022 2:11 pm ukraine time After the full invasion of Ukraine nearby  foreign ministers and ministers are tweeting their frustration and anger. But initially others were concerned with selfies and cyber attacks discussions not civilians. Was this a deterrent or plain dumbness . If war games was like this what would a world ne ran by these collective minds. Prepare spititually with Jesus Christ. Kaja Kallas is Eesti Vabariigi peaminister, Prime Minister of Estonia  @kajakallas·4 hours ago Here is my full statement on Russia’s full-scale attack against Ukraine ⬇️  Russia must stop immediately. The people of Ukraine - you have our unwavering support. #StandWithUkraine 馃嚭馃嚘 Was all this caught by surprise standing in middle of street while others are in hiding. It seems 13 hours ago  Eva-Maria Liimets @eliimets Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republ

Hundreds Dead Russia in Ukraine Soil

1:35 p.m. Thursday, February 24, 2022 (GMT+2) Time in Ukraine Thursday Feb. 24 2022 5:36 am Canadian time As we westerners slept. Chaos reports of Ukraine civilians victims of War times. Hundreds.. Dead. As the Feb 19  Marian revelation reported from Archandel Michael that the tentacles of the Evil were prepared. See or watch  Previously posted : Time in approximately Ukraine Noon  It is being reported a couple hours ago that Russian troops have captured on ground Odessa blocking streets. Screenshot images taken Thursday Feb 24 22 actual 1:37 am approximately  Australian news report 3 hours ago Tweets:  Russian forces have blocked the entry and exit point of Kharkov city.Ukrainian troops are currently in the streets of Odessa. Numerous videos of Ukrainian military convoys passing through the city of Odessa po