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February 2021 Trends

February 2021 Trends The Great Re Opening Human Crisis   Power Outage Trend     Food Shortage Crisis Trend   Great Reset Trend Climate Chaos  Dark Winter 2021 Trend   Weather Wars Trend  Geoengineering  Trend Deception Trend   Safety Trend    Targeted Individual Trend Celestial Trend   Meteor Trend     Fireball Trend Deception Trend: Do You Have ID 2021 Veronica Davis Thursday 2021-02-24 @megatrndz The works of the Devil, Satan or the deceiver is lurking every corner of the World as the Pandemic kicks its second year in a row. Jesus Christ said the Deception would be at its highest. Do not let anyone make you feel less, do not show fear most specially during this Pandemic. Fear is when the enemy attacks.  "Do you have Identification?"  Everyone is asking the same question.  Managers are acting like the Authority. This is a violation. It needs to stop. Just walk out or leave their premises quietly. More popular now than ever is Banning, Censorship trend has the world  become