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 World's Most Dynamic Glaciers Melts in Record Pace by Veronica Davis 2015 It looks like once again global warming is not just true but surprising everyone at an alarming rate. To all conspiracy theorists and doubters out there it is becoming an easier topic to debate. Almost a decade ago, there was a denial on earth's glaciers ever melting. Today, you can find hundreds of articles proving this theory wrong. It already is being reported that seventy percent of west Canada's Glaciers could be gone by 2100 , and if we make the calculations that is in 85 years from now. This would mean that our children will only be reading and viewing photos about what once was Glacier. Or perhaps becoming like an Atlantis. The world is breaking temperatures, take for example Summer  of July 2015, it is being the recorded as the hottest month ever according to NASA.Another theory of why the glaciers are melting at an alarming rate is to blame the underground hidden volcanoes . I