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The New Controversial Bible Museum

Therefore, you shall be perfect, just as your Father in  Heaven   is Perfect. Where is Jesus in the New Controversial Bible Museum in Washington DC? 2017-12-08  Without complexity in form you will learn the most simplest facts about History History of the word and phrase The Bible The  Bible is simply a phrase that can be used by anyone that wants to call it a "book". Right? or Wrong? Well according to the Founder of the Bible Museum opened last month it is just a word.  However, The Bible are different scriptures written by different Authors. Mankind has recreated the book to remove certain scriptures and texts and bring about their own religions sect or group of followers. It is important to call the Bible by the true name "The Sacred Bible" but its content is what has made and changed cultures and groups? The Bible Debate  But because mankind is so complex and are constantly in a battle of words and beliefs with one another the Bible Book has