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Climate Chaos Trend Hurricane Trend: Cyclone Nivar 04B

November Trends Climate Chaos Trend:   Greenland over 100 mph winds Nov 25, 2020 Hurricane Trend:   04B Cyclone Nivar near India Nov 25, 2020 Climate Chaos Trend :  Hurricane Storm Eta and Iota  Election Fraud Trend:  U.S Elections 2020 Children of Darkness Trend :  Vigano    December 2020: Mushy Natural Resources Kills Nicaraguans in Artisan Mine After Iota and Eta                             High Winds Thousands without Power in Maritime's Canada Greenland over 100 mph winds Nov 25, 2020  by Veronica Davis Wednesday 2020-11-25 4 pm Climate Chaos Trend:   Greenland over 100 km winds Nov 25, 2020 Temperature Analysis It has been several days now since Hurricane Eta and Iota left the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic Ocean was 81 F during both of theses Hurricanes. This is the same temperature of Cyclone Nivar . The waters in the Bay of Begal was between 80 F to 84 F from November 1 to November 23, 2020. However, in the majority of the dates 82 F seemed to be the consistency. Location An