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Terror Attacks Trend

MEGATRNDZ > News >Politics > Warfare>  Terror Attacks Trend #multiplecitiessattack  Multiple Shooters  Critical Thinking News 59 people dead  over 500 injured and declaring no martial law! Terror Attack Trend Multiple Cities , Shooters, False Flags 2017-10-3 1:30 pm UPDATED 2017 10-6 #Falseflag #stagedevent #truth #multiplecitiesattack # Propaganda. There are contradictory reports. Is it too soon for the truth to be told. Cover Ups. What are they preparing for. There is a lot of talk about November 4, 2017.  There has been multiple cities with terror attacks in the past week. Is it really ISIS or is it part of a bigger agenda? Mysterious towers appearing in New York. Is it related. Are we witnessing a world revolt in front of our very eyes. Is the truth hidden in plain sight. The meaning of false flag has been a trend for several years now specially since the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center Attack. Not many were convinced with the real story the med